It’s time for YOU. When do you EVER get time just for YOU? When do you show yourself a little love and care? Feeling a little lost and like you’ve let yourself down? Feeling like you can’t EVER stop and do something just for YOU?


It’s time to STOP. It’s time to focus on YOU.


Does this sound like YOU?


  • Your life is one big RUSH You daren’t stop for fear of letting someone else down but your life is so hectic you never get to stop and just be YOU.
  • You put EVERYONE else first. Without question your children, partner, family and even work ALL come before YOU and what YOU want.
  • You feel like you’ve drifted away from your partner. You love them but you don’t feel the same connection and intimacy that you once did.
  • You’re ALWAYS tired. From when you wake up, to rushing the kids to school to a manic day at work and home for dinner you just don’t have the energy. Meaning each day feels like a slog.
  • You DON’T LOVE YOUR BODY. You have clothes in the wardrobe that you’d love to wear but don’t feel comfortable in. You hide away on family holidays, covering up and taking the pictures rather than being in them.
  • You DON’T LOVE WHO THEY ARE. You know you should be happy but something doesn’t feel quite … well, right. You feel a little lost.
  • You want to make a change. A change for life. That fits into your busy life. You want to bring YOU back, feel PRIDE in who you are and how you look. Feel clear, confident and content. OH and with a rockin body you LOVE.

BUT you don’t know where to start. Diets. New gym regime.

The latest fitness fad.

Cutting food back, down, out.

When will you have time to fit it all in?

How much will it cost?

How quickly will you get results?

You think it’ll be a struggle and a process you don’t enjoy. And you’re scared you’ll fail anyway. Like you’ve done before. If It Does Sound Like YOU Then Keep Reading … You’re in the Right Place. Welcome to StrongHer. Reading’s ladies only gym and transformation studio based in Caversham.


We’re not for EVERYONE


If you’re a woman looking for a quick fix, or the next hardcore workout that leaves you feeling sick or a strict diet plan that leaves you hungry. All of which you grind through, that you hate but you keep going because it “works”.

Or if your looking for a CHEAP way to tone up.

That’s not us.

We’re experts at what we do and knowing how to get you results so we’re NOT THE CHEAPEST.

I’ll be really honest and tell you right not we’re NOT FOR YOU.

We’ve lovingly worked with hundreds of women worldwide now and we’re very PROUD of that. And the BIGGEST thing we’ve learnt is that lasting, lifetime transformation doesn’t work if the journey is one you can’t wait to STOP.

That you don’t ENJOY and doesn’t make you HAPPY.

That doesn’t nurture and love you and your body.

The results NEVER stay.

YES you will get results and dramatic ones with the traditional personal trainer approach of hard work and being told what to do and making sacrifices.

BUT those results stop when the work and grind of the training and the diet stop. When you reach your results you slip back and potentially gain more weight and are more unhappy before as you feel they’ve failed.

What if there was a different way? What if getting in your best ever shape could be a journey that you enjoyed and that was fun.

^^^ Yes really.

That in a few hours a week gave you results BUT that you loved. That was taken at YOUR pace and taught you how to love yourself and your body for life. That helped you feel happy in your own life and body.

That’s why at StrongHer We’ve Designed the StrongHer Formula to Help our Ladies Achieve Long Term Transformation, Step by Loving Step and Not Short, Term Quick Fixes.

StrongHer is a community and safe haven for successful women. An expert coaching business that gives so much to the women who chose to work with us and transform their lives. With an expert team of female personal trainers, based in our gym in Reading. In fact I’d say the best personal trainers in Reading. In fact more than personal trainers, a team of loving and compassionate coaches, who understand you and give you simple information as you need it AND help you smile through sessions. We give limitless love, compassion and simple information when needed. It’s the freedom of an individual journey for every woman we work with to find THEIR way to long-term transformation.

Yes we train our ladies, teach them about nutrition and help them see how amazing they already are.

BUT we don’t FORCE clients, we let them chose how they move through the programme. We love and hug them to their goals, giving them freedom to own and ENJOY the process.


“I’m a different person, healthier food wise, toned and so confident”

“I’m back in size 8 jeans, lost the wobbly bits and my husband can’t stop complimenting me”

“I’ve lost about 3 stone, feel so confident I like having my picture taken now”

“I’ve become better version of myself, toned fit and strong”

I’m Nicola Buckley, the Creator of
The StrongHer Formula.

Yep that’s me the girl with the BIG hair, strong quads, huge smile and filthy laugh. You can’t see that but trust me it’s filthy!

You’ll love it or hate it … like marmite.

 I’m a weightlifter, sometimes fitness model, mad auntie, proud daughter, public speaker, radio and TV expert, wife and mum waiting to happen.

I wear my heart on my sleeve kinda girl. But who has truly found her purpose. If it sounds cheesy, well tough as it’s true. If you don’t like cheese and emotions we probably won’t get on. I’ve been through a lot in my life, like most women.

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