Why Water is the Secret to Toning Up and (5) 

Lifting and getting strong has changed me more than anything else I’ve been involved in. It has changed my body, my mentality and confidence plus bought some amazing people into my life. OH and helped me define my amazing business.

^^^ It is one of my really true passions.

And one of the StrongHer foundations that we work with on our StrongHer programmes. Because it gets AMAZING results in so many ways.  

You lift weights? “But you aren’t big?

When I met new people and have that get to know you chat, the conversation can sometimes stop when I talk about my passions lifting weighs. ….. Awkward pause

Or they’ll look me up and down “You don’t look big” … bingo, well observed.

Being strong and lifting weights won’t get you big. You will get more toned, defined muscle that will raise your metabolic rate so you burn more energy (calories if you will) at rest.

Women don’t have enough testosterone or eat enough to get BIG, unless they really, really want to. So good news ladies, lifting won’t turn you into a female version of the incredible hulk.  

Here go then my Top 10 Reasons ALL Women Should Strength Train

1) It is all about YOU

Lifting is a very personal thing; I have days where it frustrates the hell out of me and days where I love it, wanting to shout from the rooftops. Stripped away, lifting is you versus a bar and your mentality; it is just your moment and you can focus solely on that. When lifting I forget work, home or any stresses but focus on that moment.

2) It will make you Stronger

You will get physically stronger and be able to do more. At 38 I have never been physically fitter or stronger. This sounds obvious but things like the food shop carry when you bought way too much gets much easier.

Or playing with your nephews, although must remember not to get competitive or throw them too high in the air! But all these things get easier and when you test yourself in new sports your work capacity is much higher, you can do more work more effectively.

3) It is measurable

If like me you like to see improvements and make tangible progressions, then lifting fits that perfectly. It is not always about the weight or getting a personal best but improvements in form speed under the bar or getting the high pulls is all measurable improvements. Bit by bit, small step by small step. You are learning a lifelong skill

4) You get to know your body

Lifting puts a lot of pressure on your body and tests it beyond anything else. You will get to know your body and how it works; you might find weak points or challenges in how your body moves. Your muscle flow or kinetic chain.

It helps your bones get stronger and reduces your risk of osteoporosis later in life. Lifting helps you find these so you can build a plan for muscles you need to work on and develop, plus muscles you need to mobilise.

5) It gives you confidence

Chucking yourself under a heavy bar seems scary right? Yes at first but it will give you confidence beyond anything else. When I hit a new PB or get part of a lift right, you can feel it and how good does it feel.

It is hard and a lifelong skill, so be patient and with it comes confidence. Not always and not every day, some days you just can’t get things right. That drive to persevere and work towards an aim, means it is an amazing feeling when you get there.

6) It will change your body

I have seen huge changes in my body through lifting in the last year. I’ve added more lean muscle; I have lost 10cms from my measurements and 10% bodyfat whilst not weighing much more.

A separate point but leave the scales ladies, it is not a true reflection of you as a person, your body and gives the wrong focus. Lifting gives you definition and tone (don’t like the word) like nothing else, your body confidence will sky rocket and you will love your new shape.  I am still the only girl I know who wants a bigger bum! “But you’re not big”

7) You’re still a girl

BIG news this one but since I’ve been lifting weights, my figure has got curvier and more feminine. You can lift weights and still be feminine, my glute development mission has meant my booty has grown and kinda proud of it.

8) You feel pretty sexy

As my physique has changed and I’ve got more body confident, you feel pretty damn sexy aswell. I think it is a combination of confidence, achievement and pride in what you are achieving. Oh and that testosterone that is boosted by lifting… you’re other half will be HAPPY 😉 Plus looking after yourself, with food, rest and relaxation if you are a thriving state you will feel sexier. Your hormones are in balance, your stress levels are lower so you will feel sexier so watch out boys!

9)  It’s stress busting

Lifting heavy is a great stress buster. It is in itself a form of stress on your body so you need your rest days for your muscles to repair and develop. The focus on lifting a heavy weight is all consuming and needs complete attention, you need to lose yourself in that moment.

That means you can’t have distractions, you can’t think about your job, home or that row with your partner. Give it the attention and focus it deserves and you will get great things out of it.

10) You meet some very cool people

Final point, I’ve met some amazing people and lifelong friends through lifting. They support you in moments of frustration and applaud you in moments of achievement. They are a breed of people who challenge themselves daily and share in the love of the bar.  

If you don’t want to be sexier, strong, leaner, more confident and have a measurable way of seeing progress then DON’T lift weights. OH and it’s not COOL and FUN J   >>>>> So if you want some of that book on of our Transformation calls below. We’d love to help you get started.  

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