The sixth of the StrongHer Musings, our longer video series. Ladies … do you feel like you’ve lost your connection with your partner?

Do you feel like that closeness and intimacy has gone? That you’re so busy at home and at work that you’ve got NO time left for each other? It’s NOT how it used to be. ^^^ If yes then watch this.

From ALL the things I’ve learnt as I’ve had relationships through my life, some successful, some not so much. BUT I’ve always learnt from them. 3 Steps for a Better Connection with Your Partner, watch it here: Here’s what I say: ” Hi! Its Nicola Buckley, creator of the StrongHer Formula. It’s an absolutely beautiful day! Today I wanted to talk to you today about relationships, and how you going how you can get a BETTER connection with your partner.

So the sorts of ladies we work with are VERY, VERY busy, they’re very successful in a lot of area in their life. So it might be there very successful at work, they’ve got a lovely family, lovely house, but they just lost that connection with their partner so busy is so busy at work, busy at home with the children.

TRYING to get everything done, trying to support their family and just just living their lives, they actually just lose that connection with each other a little bit, that intimacy isn’t necessarily there. If they’re not feeling that confident with themselves not feeling that comfortable in their own skin they won’t necessarily want to be intimate with their partner.

You might say well why and how have YOU got the authority and rights to about this Nic when you when you were single? I think it’s actually through the things I’ve learned from my past relationships I can probably help help with this. There is probably THREE SIMPLE things that I would suggest that you really focus on.

  • So the first one being really focused on you. Sounds kind of ironic to focus just on you when you’re in a relationship there’s only two of you but focus still needs to be on you.
  • So losing that connection with your partner might be because you’re not spending enough time showing yourself self-love, self-care, appreciation for all that you are.If you’re not feeling great, your partner gets a lesser version of you, so show that gratitude back to them by honouring yourself.
  • Spending a little bit of time away, doing something for you every day that is just for you. So what’s that gonna be?
  • Things like just journaling maybe, or just spending a bit of time relaxing. So whatever that is, spend a little bit of time on you.So ladies that come and train with us, we give them time back to themselves, work on who they are, what they want, and just building the body that they want. So in the same way first of all spend a little bit of time on yourself.



The second thing I want to talk about was just showing appreciation and gratitude for your partner. So you obviously fell in love with that person for a reason, there’s a lot of things that initially drew you to them.

Just remind yourself of all those things, all the amazing things they do, the little things they that you maybe kind of take for granted a little bit because life is so hurried, life is so rushed, so really think about all those things you’re grateful for your partner.

And even just as a technique called the awesome list and I would just write down, get a blank sheet of paper, write down all the reasons that you feel your partner’s absolutely amazing and awesome.And then tell them that show them gratitude, little things, cook them their favourite meals when you when they don’t expect it, organise a date night or a weekend away, but just really show that appreciation and gratitude because you just gonna make them feel good.


  • So if you’ve worked yourself you shown the gratitude and appreciation then the third part that I really suggest talking about is just communication.
  • So it sounds like something really really simple, but just be really open and honest about the things that you might want to change a little bit, things are not quite working for you.If you really just say these are the things that I need from you, and don’t be the point where if it’s not the right thing is not exactly it’s not gonna work, but where is the compromise.
  • So say for example they go out every weekend and you don’t see them. What’s the compromise in the middle? Can you go out with them? Can you do something together? So where is that midpoint?So just kind of working on your relationship, find the things that maybe you are feeling so much, that don’t make you feel so good, and what do you want, kind of you cant expect someone to just know what you want then not tell your partner, yes they know you well, but they just know what’s going on there not mind readers.
  • So give them opportunity, give them a recipe and a shopping list for the best version of you. Give them a chance to just make you the best version of you.So three things.The first being spent time on you sounds ironic going away to come back, but you’re better version of you give that to your partner.
  • The second one is gratitude appreciation tell them all the things you love about them, do the little things with them that just go to make them feel good. And then the third part is just communication. Tell them the things that you want from them just watch your recipe for the best of you.

I think that really helped people, even better connection with your partner. That’s it for today thanks a lot. Bye!”


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