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This post was based on a question from our lovely StrongHer team member Karen aka Flasher,  “How can I still have a drink? I LOVE a glass of wine at the weekend”

I thought about it and was tempted to write the assumed coach standard … “How badly do you want it?” post. But that’s not REAL life. ^^^ We help you to do what you LOVE, including have a cheeky drink. Just to pre warn you this isn’t … a NEVER drink again post. Or an “alcohol” is empty calories post. This is a how to enjoy your life, have the odd drink and STILL tone up post. If that’s what you wanted you’ll be disappointed. If you want to know how to have a LIFE and have a few drinky-poos read on.

I LOVE a glass of lovely red wine or the odd gin and tonic. If you want to enjoy the odd one guilt free read on. ^^^^^^ I know I’m cool right? Yes you can have a drink and a life. Not what you expected from your coach? Well welcome to our world, StrongHer is NOT the average fitness business.  

It’s hard right?

So many reasons to JUSTIFY having a drink. Are these familiar?  

Peer pressure: “Just have one more.”   Moral licence:

“It’s been a long week I DESERVE a drink.”   Habit: “I ALWAYS have a cheeky glass of red at the end of the week.”  

You have two choices really:

1) Don’t drink.

Go back to that BIG why. The DRIVER to getting toned and fitter in the first place. Such as running after my children and not being out of breath. Wanting to feel like the woman I was 10 years ago. If that reason is STRONG enough. Do a zammo…. just say NO.  

2) Enjoy a few cheeky sherberts now and then

Enjoy your life FFS! You’re not about to step on stage to lift or strut. So ENJOY the odd drink. BUT… Yes there was ALWAYS going to be a BIG but. KNOW the facts first.

# 1: Alcohol is fuel So the body CAN use alcohol as fuel. Alcohol is ethanol, fermented sugar so the body can use it. Roughly 7 calories per gram.

drinks table

Alan Aragon, AAR Conference

# 2: Alcohol is calorie laden BUT alcohol is NOT the main ingredient in most drinks. They are FULL to the brim of added sweeteners, syrups and rubbish to add “flavour.” This is where the calories come from. See below for an idea of the calories in some drinks.        

# 3: Drinking STOPS fat burning Your liver is your body’s detox system. If you have a drink with the girls then your liver has to work on this first. It will flush out ethanol at the rate of 7g per hour SO one glass of wine takes 2 hours. Time AWAY from fat burning. Fat burn has been shown to drop by 73% for about 4 hours after your drinkies.  

# 4: Drinking will hinder these: Sleeping you’re unlikely to get a good 7 hours Training intensity … hard to really push on a hangover. Increase dehydration the body is too busy flushing out the alcohol. You are more likely to overeat and grab that cheeky kebab on the way home.   BUT … it can help get you become more cool and attractive. Or make others more attractive BEWARE!

Beer goggles

Be aware of the beer goggles! The 1am guy becomes MORE attractive!






How to drink and still tone up?

Here we go then. You want to enjoy life right?  Have a drink sometimes with your bestie? Not become a broccoli and chicken eating hermit. ^^^^^^ I’ve been there and it’s V DULL. Don’t get me wrong BINGE drinking is not part of an optimal diet. BUT it’s kinda nice to chill and have the odd drink. StrongHer is about living a life you LOVE and feeling good. The odd drink can be part of this.  

Here we go then. The ninja stuff. What to do to minimise the effects of a few drinks.

# 1: Don’t drink to exceed your calorie goal. Alcohol is 7kcal per gram so if you’re tracking calories include it in your daily allowance. Use My Fitness Pal to track and then reduce down calories the next day. So you are saving some calories for  the Friday night drinks. Reduce down your carbs and not your fats.  

# 2: Eat more protein If on a none boozing day you are having 1.5g per kg bodyweight. On a drinking day increase to 2g per kg bodyweight.  

# 3: Manage training round your night out Best not to train hard on the day you’re drinking as your body is busy repairing from training. The need to flush out alcohol may send your body into a catabolic state (muscle wastage). AND you’re not likely to be raring to go the day after. So bump up your training earlier   in the week. If you do train go for tekkers and fun stuff NOT maxing out.  

# 4: Follow each drink with water For each drink have a glass of water to start the detox process. Around 500ml for each unit of alcohol would be good.  

# 5: Drink lower calorie drinks Aim for drinks with lower calories, such as wine over beer. And slim line tonic.  

# 6: Sleep catch up You’re not likely to get the best night’s sleep when boozing and you’ll be late if you’re going crazy on the dancefloor! So get to bed earlier through the rest of the week to get all the benefits of a good night’s sleep. See we’re not the average fitness coaching business. We want you to have a life you LOVE. Enjoy your weekend sherberts.  

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