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It’s tough right? The sweet monster is strong within lots of us. Without realizing you’re suddenly up salivating over those sweet treats. With the good angel versus the bad angel watching on your shoulder. Which one normally wins out?

You’re not alone.

This is one of the challenges many of us face when starting to eat more healthily. The more you’ve given in to the sweet tooth before the harder it is.

The Science Bit … Why It’s Not Your Fault

So a little bit of geekery to start us off. ….. Just a little. I promise. ^^^ NOT FULL GEEK. Sugar is a powerfully addictive substance. If you’ve overindulged in cookies, chocolate, cake, or ice cream you know its seductive pull. Food manufacturers bank on it. ^^^ Sneaky, right?

It’s in processed food … soft drinks, breakfast cereal, soups, salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, energy bars … lots of things you wouldn’t suspect. It’s sneaky because it is not shown on ingredients as sugar but as anything ending in ‘ose like high- fructose corn syrup, maltose, and dextrose. So check the labels for those sneaky ingredients, any ‘ose will kickstart that sugar monster.  

The Emotional Draw As Well … This Bit Is Your Fault

^^^Said with LOVE by the way. “I just ended eating the whole bar of Dairy Milk,” I hear that sort of thing A LOT. As you know now sugar is addictive, so it has a strong pull. This is emotional eating, meaning eating based on how you feel rather than what your body needs. This bit you can really work on. A rubbish day at work and feeling down mean you stop at the garage buy chocolate and eat it all. This is called fired and wired behaviour.  When I experience X (a bad day), I do Y (have a chocolate bar).  It’s just a pattern. The secret is to change that pattern … jolt yourself away from that same behaviour and change it. It’s like re-recording over an old song track on a CD: re-record over a bad habit and have one that serves you in a more positive way.  

How is sugar addictive?

Sugar stimulates release of neurotransmitters in the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin, in a similar way to alcohol and other drugs that are frequently abused. The more you eat the more and more sugar is needed to get the “hit”. Heavy sugar consumers can have trouble without it, struggling to focus and get stuff done.  

How to go cold turkey and stop the cravings? The StrongHer Top 7 Simple Tips.

^^^ I’m a simple girl so simple works well. I’ve helps hundreds of women with this now.  

#1: Keep sugar and sugar products out of your house. Especially when starting cold turkey AVOID. Sounds simple but don’t buy it. Remember to check those labels for ‘ose snacks.  

#2: Eat enough of the good, healthy stuff to fill you up. Eat healthy, whole food snacks like fruit, cherry tomatoes and dates, to satisfy your sweet tooth. Drink plenty of water, too.  

#3:Eat three regular meals each day. Include carbs (veg, grains), lean protein (poultry, fish, meat) and healthy fats (eg olive oil. This will help keep a steady blood sugar level and reduce your sugar cravings.  

#4: Take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Chromium picolinate and l- glutamine help to reduce cravings for some people. Or a good multi vitamin can also sometimes help.  

#5: When you go out, make sure you’re not hungry For example, don’t do the food shop when you’re hungry. That’s like sweet tooth suicide.  

#6: Do the basics consistently well. Get regular exercise, plenty of sunlight, and adequate sleep (in bed by 10 pm) to reduce sugar cravings. It’s not rocket science but are you doing these consistently?  

#7: Learn to identify and manage cravings that are caused by feeling down. Develop different ways of managing stress: Take a walk or listen to a favourite song. Re-wire that response to feeling down.   You can do it … To end the struggle with sugar, learn to nourish your body well and respond compassionately to yourself. Once the sugar is cleared from your system, your taste buds will become more sensitive.

Meaning whole natural foods taste sweeter and are more satisfying. Sweet Tooth COLD TURKEY IS WORTH IT 🙂  

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