My Lifetime Struggle…

Today’s VLOG I’m showing you some more of my life … my half finished bathroom, my dog Sam and his daily start and poo bags with instructions!

^^^  I know really.  

But the main message is about my lifetime struggle and what is has taught me. The power and strength I now take from it.  

Today… the bathroom saga continues, instructions on poo bags and a Sam wake up.  

My bathroom is all outside.   New loo.   New sink, all very nice   Still a lot of work to do before the kitchen is started   Had my first shower in there this morning.   That was cool!  

So you’ve seen the shit tip that’s in my house   You’ve seen Sam wake up.   I’ll be doing some more of these VLOGs a bit more   So you get to know me a bit more   What my life is like.  

So the VLOG today…   It’s a good one   No boob footage I’m afraid…

Is that a good thing or bad thing? you decide   I’m not sure…   You decide I’ don’t mind  

Here’s what I say

“So today the VLOG i want to share on of my biggest struggles   That’s been consistent throughout my life   And really just the process what I’ve gone through  

And what I’ve learnt from it and the power of it   And what it has shown me.   What’s your biggest struggle and how have you over come it?  

====   My Lifetime Struggle   ====  

I’m just re introducing my self and telling things you don’t really know about me   So today I wanted to share, not something that feels sad anymore…   But it makes sense.  

I’ve spent this time during Guru to truly look at who I am   And I now understand why it’s happened to me now   I’ve never felt like I fitted in anywhere   Growing up…  

My brother left home when I was really young   I suddenly felt like an only child   Under a lot of pressure   Felt like I should do what my parents wanted and make them happy   T

hey were obviously upset my brother had left home.   At school I loved learning   I loved books from a very early age   I was a complete geek at school to be honest…  

But I wanted to be part of the “cool” crowd   So I was kind of like this girl that’s stuck   in between a couple of different crowds.   Never felt like I really fitted in.  

At university I was really involved with swimming and water polo.   That was my THING. I had a lot of friends there   But at home where I lived, the girls I lived with   (Absolutely lovely girls)  

But i never really felt like I was at home there   I didn’t really feel like I fitted in there.   I didn’t know who I was so I was desperately trying to fit in to somewhere with the water polo and swimming crowd   Someone who loved getting really drunk and being funny…  

My question to you is…   What’s your Biggest Struggle? “

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