My first V:Log and it’s a GOOD one. BIG breath … this one has taken me ALOT of courage to share but I hope it inspires you to follow your dreams.   Enjoy and I’d LOVE to know what your biggest dream is?  

Here’s what I say:

” Given that I’ve been away on the Guru project Intensely incubated over the last 10 days with Dax and a beautiful group of people I’ve really, really got to know myself   And I feel like it’s a good time to really introduce you to who I really am  

And be the real me  

So I thought a really good way to do this was to share my biggest dream   Its taken me a lot of courage  

I talk about it a little bit but i don’t share it openly.  

I wanted to share it because I thought sharing my story will empower and inspirit others.   So my greatest dream is rather simple.  

It’s to be a mum.  

It’s something I’ve wanted since I was 21 or 22. I’m now 38 so it’s been along time. I got married when I was 24 so my husband and I discussed it before we got married.  

We were both really, really keen to start a family.   We were together for 13 years   We were married for 8 years   But really struggled with the last 3 years.   We really lost who we were and what we wanted   So it wasn’t the right time to have a child   We did discuss it, we did think it could be something that could help bring us back together. But we both decided it wasn’t the right situation to have a baby.  

Now I’m at the stage where I’m 38 and have a thriving business which is growing and growing.   I have a beautiful house.   I have my dog Sam.   I have my family.   It’s just something that I’ve really wanted for so long.   To me it is the ultimate expression of love.

Love is my biggest value.   I want to give that opportunity to a child who hasn’t had the best start in life.   Also courage for me to live the life I want to.   It’s an expression of all my values.   I’ve been looking in to different ways of having a child.  

I always thought I needed the guy first…   Its why I think I’ve stayed in relationships that haven’t been the right ones for me because that hope of having a child of my own at some point.  

So now I’m looking into doing it on my own.   I’ve recently started looking into the adoption process.   Which I feel really drawn to because giving a child the opportunity that a child may not have had before.   That to me…   I’m really drawn to it.  

I’m really excited!   I went to an information evening and being told if I get approved I’ve 98% able to have a child.  

I really want a daughter.  

I’ve given her the name Faith (in my mind)   Because that’s what she gives me  

She drives me on each day to be the woman she would be proud to call a mother.   So why am i sharing this?  

Hopefully it might inspire someone to understand that its ok to want what you truly want.   Its ok to do it on your own.  

I’ve watched all my friends, have children, get married and now it feels like the right time for me.   And to me my life in order so i can give that child an amazing home and all the love it absolutely needs.   That’s my biggest dream.  

I would LOVE to know what your biggest dream is   It has taken me a lot to share this.   Love to hear your comments below 🙂  .’

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