Hear it from our StrongHer lovely ladies and what they think of working with us. Don’t just take my word for it meet a few of the many StrongHer success stories:

“I feel really good about myself and it’s made a HUGE difference.”

“The biggest thing has been focus, food and exercise just feeling really good about myself. My fitness levels are up and I feel much stronger, plus I’m losing weight.”

You can watch lovely Kiran’s story here:

“I understand what’s good for me and what’s NOT good for me.”

“I’m now healthier and more knowledgable about what to eat and how to look after myyself. I FEEL GOOD.”

You can watch lovely Jas’s story here:

“I’m a lot happier and my husband is ALOT happier. He thinks I look better now than when we met.”

“I was apprehensive than I realised I was physically stronger than I thought. Regardless of shape and size, I’m a lot healthier and in control of myself. And I know myself ALOT more. I’m more aware of my values and who I am.”

You can watch lovely Sarah’s story here:

“I’ve lost inches and have more energy who wouldn’t want that.”

“I was working out at home, with 3 little kids that was really challenging. I feel great now I have more energy and seeing great results. I feel better and have been losing inches who wouldn’t want that. It’s a wonderful group of ladies, it’s all about you when working out. it’s not competitive and everyone’s working hard.”

You can watch Amy’s story here

“My friends have noticed I’m more toned.”

“My husband had been going on about getting a 6 pack and I just wanted to tone up. I’ve had people who’ve not seen me saying you’re looking gooooood! My husband’s noticed a difference with my bum being firmer. We’re eating healthier and your plan makes it easy to follow. My arms, abs and husband are getting more toned. We are healthier and enjoy food more.”

You can watch Sophie’s story here

“I’m a lot tighter and more toned all over. My clothes fit better now and I don’t stress about what to wear now.”

“I’m so in the habit of exercising now I wake up before my alarm and have been known to bust out some press ups on a Sunday. Exercise is part of my life again now. I’m still on the journey but I feel tighter all over. I’m more confident and don’t stress about what I can wear now. And I get more compliments from my husband.”

You can watch Katy’s story here

“I feel brighter and have more energy.”

“I have 2 kids commute into the city to run my own business and I didn’t make time to exercise, I was v tired all the time and stressed, so wasn’t eating well. The Strongher coaching gave me more energy. My husband say I look better, which is a huge bonus. I’m a lot brighter and my mood is lifted, more energy and just feel better.”

You can watch Amy’s story here

”I’m back in size 8 jeans, lost the wobbly bits and my husband can’t stop complimenting me”.

“Since I’ve been working with Nic, I’ve lost 10 inches in total, 3 pounds in weight and am much more toned. My results speak for themselves and everyone comments on how amazing I look. Plus my other half loves how I look now even more and I fit into a size 8 again. Loving life now and feeling so confident.” Claire aka Miss Consistent, Mum and Business Owner

You can watch Claire’s story here

“I’m so proud and pleased that I’ve lost over 2 and half stone, I’m feeling confident and excited about my future. Bring it on.”

“This programme works. You are guided through how to get your mind focused, what to eat and how to make little changes to your day. It teaches you to make better decisions and become confident in yourself again. I’ve lost weight, I feel fitter and more importantly, I feel more confident in who I am. I can never explain how much this means to me.” Abi aka Abs, Corporate High Flier

You can watch Abi’s story here.

“I’ve become better version of myself, toned fit and strong.”

I’m emotionally stronger and I’ve tackled some BIG issues in my life. I’ve come out it stronger and a better version of myself. I’m physically stronger, more defined fit and I’m not scared of food anymore. I now know I need to eat good fuel to do the exercise to get the physique you want. It’s the marriage of everything coming together that has changed my life.” Shelly, aka Shel City High Flier

You can watch Shelly’s story here:

“I’m a different person, healthier food wise, toned and so confident.”

You can watch Lou’s story here:

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