Why Water is the Secret to Toning Up and (7)  

“My measurements and weight are NOT changing what should I do?”, I get asked this ALOT.  

Firstly, just to reassure you this happens to most women on a weight loss journey and it’s natural part of it all. It just means that something needs to be tweaked that’s all.  

Secondly, it doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. It doesn’t mean that your not still getting happier and healthier. It just means that something needs to be tweaked that’s all.   Thirdly, it doesn’t mean the programme isn’t “working” so no need to thrown toys from prams and give up. So don’t panic Mr Mannewring! ^^^ Showing my age there 🙂  

It just means that something needs to be tweaked that’s all.   Weight loss comes from being happy and healthy, this is our focus with our StrongHer lovely ladies, then weight will follow. We measure 25 measures every 5 weeks that include sex drive, happiness, confidence and highlight for that month.

So our ladies can see PROGRESS in all measures.   ^^^ Yes I said sex 🙂  Getting your sex drive back is a whole post in itself.

 1) Be honest

You’re more than the number of the scales. I want you to really think about what the number means and why it is sooooo important. Are you being really honest with yourself? Are you hitting the numbers you need consistently?

Have you been having a cheeky drink in the week? None of these make you a failure or a bad person.  

What to do next: Keep hitting the basics consistently be honest if you’re not. And take it at YOUR pace. Chose what you feel is the right level of commitment and speak to your coach about forming new habits.  

2) Have patience with yourself

Like the Take That song “have a little patience,” you didn’t just get to where you are now with your weight in a week, month or even a year in all likelihood. So why do you expect to lose it much more quickly? It’s crazy when you think about it.

Our approach is about helping you to be healthier and happier for LIFE, so we like slow and steady because it lasts.

What to do next: Be real with yourself and see the progress you’ve made. Are you eating better? Sleeping better? Drinking more water? Then this is ALL progress.  

3) Start logging your food

Do you get to the end of the day and not really know what you’ve eaten. Do you go off track with one thing and then give it up as a “bad” or naughty day?Logging food will help you be more aware of what you’re eating.

Seeing the calories from what you eat will help eat more mindfully.  

What to do next: Try a few days of logging your food in My Fitness Pal. You can scan items and see the impact of the food you’re eating. It takes just a few minutes if you do it over the day. If it helps add a friend too and share your completed days.  

4) Increase calories

Sounds crazy right, eat MORE FOOD to lose weight. For weight loss we need to create a calorie deficit. I can get really geeky here but that’s the simple truth. Most women think that if a deficit is needed they’ll just cut RIGHT down and it’ll lead to a BIGGER weight loss.

WRONG: this just causes the body stress and pushes it into starvation mode meaning the body holds fat and your hormones don’t do their jobs as they should. It can also lead to binge eating that ends up in overeating. ^^^ This really becomes the basis of the yeo yeo dieting we see so many women go through repeatedly.  

What to do next: Find your maintenance level of calories and then a small deficit day to day for a period of time. No stress, no BIG diet days just a nice, steady healthy eating plan. We believe in helping you find that passion for healthy, awesome food NOT starving yourself. If you do need help with this just ask.  

5) Only doing cardio

I went on a short break recently and went to the hotel gym. ALL the cardio machines were take up by women. We’ve been taught from a young age that cardio is the way to go to lose. The more you do steady state cardio the more you’ll NEED to do to have any impact on your weight loss. AND it can add a lot of stress to your body. If you do it enjoy it but don’t rely just on cardio.  

What to do next: Change things up in the gym, have your cardio if you love it but try HITT or interval style of training instead. It’s more efficient for you to get in and out of the gym quicker AND more fun 🙂  

 6) Managing your Stress and Sleep

If you’re struggling to shift those last few pounds then look at your stress levels. If they feel like a 9 or 10 out of 10 you will struggle to lose that weight. Your body is busy managing the stress and will hold fat to protect itself. If you’re stressed it can also your sleep. Sleep is needed to help the body carry out lots of geeky processes to help fat loss. Stress and lack of sleep are fat loss killers.  

What to do next?: Look at what’s causing your stress, it is relationships, money, work or setting up a new business. Maybe your weight loss is also adding to the stress. How can you manage your stress in a better way? What do you do that relaxes you? For me dog walks, being outdoors and relaxing with my bestie are all stress relievers. Plus my As for sleep work on a sleep routine.  

7) Time your carb intake

Carbs have a bad name and are often the first thing to be dropped when women want to lose weight. But they are the body’s GO TO energy source and much needed. The key is to have them at the right time so you have enough energy without overspilling (geeky).   What to do next: On the days you train up the carbs slightly to give you that fuel. Then on rest days drop them down. Plus focus on slow burning carbs. So go for quality, ditch the white and processed simple carbs like pasta and pastries. Instead try some rice, sweet potatoes and hit the veg heavy.  

 8) Hit your protein goal

This is one of the most important parts of the StrongHer nutrition principles. Hitting enough protein, most women who start with us don’t. Why do you need protein to build muscle, to repair and build cells … so many things in the body.  

What to do next?: Have a think about you can get more protein into your diet. Protein that we love lean meats, some diary (if you don’t have a sensitivity) and eggs. Try to hit at least 1.2g for each kg of your bodyweight. If you’re training you might need 1.5-1.8g for each kg of bodyweight. Again it’s about finding what is right for YOU.  

9) Find your recipe

This is a tough love one. BUT weight loss is so individual you should find what works for YOU. We’re all biochemically unique and that changes daily based on how much sleep, stress, hydration and food quality. Find your recipe for weight lose. 

What to do next?: Find your recipe for weight loss. Be consistent with a small deficit, hit the basics consistently and train in an effective way. Simples. And this will change over time. So when you hit a plateau just think that one of the ingredients needs a little tweak.  

10) Be consistent

The fundamentals of weight loss are the same for everyone. You know all these already I’m sure as you know your stuff BUT are you hitting them consistently? Day in and day out to set that consistent platform for weight loss.  

What to do next? Have a daily checklist of the basics to know you’re hitting them. Think about these water levels, food quality, protein quantities, stress levels and sleep. How are you hitting these daily? Yes we all have good and bad days BUT the more consistent you are the better place you will be in for weight loss. Simples   I’m on a roll now.

My final one is consider getting help. You are not going to be able to do it all on your own. I have a business coach, a nutrition coach AND a lifting coach. All have my respect in their areas of expertise PLUS are awesome people. It’s strong to ask for help and why take some much time finding out and trying things why not just go for what works.  

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