I’m NOT perfect, so I GET IT 

I’m a coach and help women everyday to get that pride back in how they look and feel.   YET I’m NOT perfect and I can go off track even now. At my heaviest I was 2 stone heavier than I am now. Granted that was at university where I had a hectic social life and it showed lol!   BUT I also spent my years as a wife trying to lose those last few pounds. You know those niggling and annoying few pounds that seem STUCK FAST. For me round my tummy.  

And I couldn’t do shift them. I tried ALL sorts of diets. Training. Running half marathons. Spin 5 mornings a week. Eating healthy food, such as LOTS of pasta.   BUT none of it “worked” to shift those merciless last few pounds. I always gave myself a “REASON” why I couldn’t shift that last bit of weight. I was in the midst of a separation and 2 precious grandparents passing away very quickly. And I felt like a victim “poor me”, I fell into a world of pity.  

The turning point

It took an overhaul of my lifestyle, a divorce, a new way of eating and lifting weights to shift and get to a comfortable “happy” weight now. Where I have abs of sorts, a powerhouse bum and chunky quads.   ^^^^That didn’t happen overnight BUT it did happen through step-by-step, inch by inch.   And by me admitting ONLY I can do this. I control ME and MY LIFE. I can make better choices.  

The reason for sharing this … I’ve heard ALL the reasons going NOT to start NOW. Not to start on the road to getting a body you feel proud of again. To looking and feeling great.   But above that I’ve USED them all to stay stuck where I am. To give in and say that’s good enough.  

So today’s blog is to share those “reasons” which are really excuses. And to get you started.   Please don’t think I’m putting you down because I’m not, it’s just that I get how HARD it is to get started.  

Why do I care so much? Because I genuinely don’t want any woman to go through tough times alone. All done with love and genuine care from my huge heart.  

Right let’s get going.  The 10 BIGGEST Excuses I hear from Busy Women 

It was going to be 5 but it’s now 10 … just flowed out of me as I hear these ALOT. 

  1. “I just don’t have the time”

When it comes to it we all have the same time in a day, 24 hours, 7 days a week. So this really comes to how you prioritise YOU.   I run a business, a house and yet still make time to train 4 or 5 days a week as consistently as possible. That is part of my routine so I make it work, 45 minute sessions in and done. You can too.

2)  “I can’t afford it.”

We’re not the cheapest and we never will be as we get results and welcome you into our loving community. So I understand that women might think it’s too expensive. But compared to what?

  • Compared to having a better connection and sex life with your husband.
  • Compared to having energy and feeling great each morning when you wake up.
  • Compared to feel proud of who you are and who you look again after so long.
  • And if you have Sky and eat out a lot, perhaps again it comes down to priorities.

Good food doesn’t need to cost the earth if you plan ahead and shop in bulk. Plus to start with just move more, find a class or go for a run. Just start. THAT COSTS NOTHING.    

3) “I’m too unfit. I’ll get a bit fitter before I start.”

You start from where YOU are. It’s not about comparing to other people it’s about giving YOUR all. The skill of a coach like me is to start you where you are and then move you onto more and more.   All our ladies join us with varied levels of fitness, some have been Crossfit Athletes others have not done anything for 10 years. We can adapt and you only need to focus on YOU.  

4) “I need to ask my husband”

I totally get that you want to check in with you partner get their support and arrange logistics with children. But ultimately I’m sure they want you with that pride back in how you look and feel. All they want is the best for you, so it’s your decision and not theirs.

5) “I’m just big boned.”

We all have bones and skeleton without which we can’t even stand. Our bones can take up between 10 and 15% of our bodyweight so it does VARY by person BUT it doesn’t stop you losing weight. More importantly would be which bodyshape you are.

6) “I have a slow metabolism”

It is TRUE everyone has an individual metabolic rate and that can vary day to day BUT it is not something to blame. Some women do suffer with thyroid problems and it can really affect their weight loss. What I’ve found that working with women on their health, getting them eating better and then training this can start to improve.  

7) “I start well and then go off plan.”

Be honest with yourself, was it a sustainable life change plan or was it another crash diet. Find YOUR PACE. Oh and have a look at our blog here.  

8) “I’ll go back to what worked before.”

This really just being impatient. It took you however long to get to where you’re NOW. So why assume it will be quicker reversing that? It doesn’t make sense to put yourself under THAT much pressure?   Instead why not find a pace that works for YOU and enjoy it?  

9) “I’m an emotional eater

So these are habits that don’t serve you anymore. That need rewiring and resetting, nice and simple. First step is awareness and then resetting the pattern.   Here’s our blog on how to STOP binge eating.  

10) “I’ll have a think about it”

Really though? Maybe the pain of where you are isn’t yet enough? If not when will it be enough to make a decision. It all starts with one thing, DECIDING. Then from there a first step, and then step by step which builds MOMENTUM.   What are you waiting for? The kids to be better behaved? To have a better job? To be a bit fitter? ^^^^ NEWSFLASH: Life isn’t like that. Honour yourself and start NOW.

Ready to make a change?

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