Meet the StrongHer AMAZEBALLS Team

(More than just Personal Trainers)

Still with us? That’s great. Is this feeling a little different to what you were expecting?


If you’re LOVING this read on. If it’s not for you no worries thanks for stopping by.


In fact we don’t call ourselves PERSONAL TRAINERS. We NEVER have and never will.

^^^^ If that’s all you truly want then we might not be for you.


Trainers … will TRAIN you. They will tell you what do in the gym, what to eat and what you SHOULD be doing to get the body you love.


BUT we know that doesn’t work alone. That just training and getting to the gym can get you in great shape. That JUST those two things will get that PRIDE and BELIEF back in who you are and how you feel.


If it did why would so many women still be unhappy with their body and their lives?

That’s not to say that our coaches aren’t great at creating training, nutrition and lifestyle plans just for you. They are, we use the StrongHer Move pyramid as our principle to enjoy and get all you need from training.

We invest year on year in their education, it’s one of our biggest area of investment and always will be. BUT it’s not the knowledge of the body, training and nutrition that makes them great.

I’ve personally spent £25k on my own education and coaching. That’s how much I believe in coaching and how much it can change your life.

Through love, support and simple information they help YOU build your own plan that works for YOU. That fits with your life and what you want. A plan taken at your pace, all done with love and smiles. Oh and lots of hugs.


Our coaches help our clients answer the question. “I know what I need to do but I can’t seem to get MYSELF to do it and stick to it.”

We’re NOT the people ….

If you want a quick, TEMPORARY fix for the short term. Yes we get quick results but if it’s all about speed then we’re not going to be a good fit.

To KICK your arse into shape. Yes we will challenge and motivate you BUT we want to inspire and love you. NOT shout at and have that personal trainer “kick arse” mentaility. We will love you into shape with fun and hugs.

If you want a COOKIE CUTTER plan, do this and do that. We will give you great information, that’s simple and passed the my Cornish mum test.

(Hello mum, love you x)

BUT we won’t bombard you with irrelevant, complicated information. We know you need SIMPLE DONE WELL, not more complication and confusion.

If you just want to be told what to do and not own your journey then we won’t be a good fit. It’s not about just doing x, y and z it’s about it fitting with your life and enjoying the process.


So if that’s who we’re not who are we? Who is StrongHer?

We’re the people to come to when you’re ready to give yourself a little time and love to get that PRIDE and BELIEF back in who you are, how you look and feel.

We’re the people to come to for a lasting life transformation that is FUN. With the freedom to do it YOUR way with our love and support. When you’re ready for lasting results done in a way that works for YOU and your life.

We’re the people to come to when you’re ready to STOP punishing yourself and your body. Time to kiss goodbye the strict, depravation diets and workouts you hate.

We’re the people you come to when you’re ready to give yourself time and love to make a lasting transformation. To see how amazing you already are and how spending a little time will draw out even more of you.


Meet the StrongHer team of experts ready to love, support and guide you:

Here we go then, here’s your AMAZING team of experts READY to help you. I know we’re a good looking bunch right?

Lamorna, Coach (4)We all have different loves and passion, very different backgrounds but we all LOVE the StrongHer way of doing things. And we all want YOU TO WIN.

We LOVE guiding you through your own journey helping you make SMALL changes that make a BIG impact.


We KNOW what works and we all know the StrongHer Formula inside out. We know what that is what will get you what you’ve wanted for SO LONG.

We like to have FUN and giggles along the way, there’s likely to be some smut too! We’re also quite crazy and unique group of lovelies who will make you laugh and smile. We’re here for YOU.


Here we all are in our own wonderful weirdness:

Nicola Buckley, The Boss

Lamorna, Coach (5)

I’m Nicola Buckley, the Creator of the StrongHer Formula. Yep that’s me the girl with the BIG hair, strong quads, huge smile and filthy laugh. You can’t see that but trust me it’s filthy!

You’ll love it or hate it … like marmite.

 I’m a weightlifter, sometimes fitness model, mad auntie, proud daughter, public speaker, radio and TV expert, wife and mum waiting to happen.

I wear my heart on my sleeve kinda girl. But who has truly found her purpose. If it sounds cheesy, well tough as it’s true. If you don’t like cheese and emotions we probably won’t get on. I’ve been through a lot in my life, like most women.

I had a long and drawn out divorce to my first love, I’ve suffered with depression, I’ve been cheated on by the man I thought would be the father of my children and I’ve struggled financially.  ^^^ This gets better BTW

I’m an ex corporate career girl who had an incredibly successful career, I had everything I wanted YET I was desperately unhappy. So I left at the height of a 6-figure career. Just ditched it all and walked out.

Why? Because I found my purpose and calling. I didn’t want ANY woman to go through what I’d been through without love, support and a way to back to peace and contentment again. To help women see how amazing they already are, put themselves first for once and get the body and life they deserve.

Women joining the StrongHer team include busy mums, entrepreneurs and corporate high fliers … the one thing they have in common they are ready to find their inner strength, tone their body make a change for life. I’m a coach and a great one (I truly know that now) for successful women who have lost their way a little.

Caroline Riddall, StrongHer Coach and Head of Fitness

^^^ AKA “The Evil One”

Lamorna, Coach (1)

Caroline is nicknamed the “Evil One’ by some of our clients. She has a gorgeous white dog called Alfie and loves mental challenges, like Tough Mudder. She loves Insanity style of sessions and is now our Head of Fitness.

Strange fact, she didn’t like exercise until she was early twenties. Now she won’t feckin sit down. We LOVE her and she KNOWS her stuff.

Lamorna Harpin, StrongHer Coach

^^^ AKA Filth monkey

Lamorna, Coach








Lucy Deeks, StrongHer Coach

^^^ AKA Biceps

Lamorna, Coach (2)

Lucy is our newest coach but man she’s good. AND has arms that are CUT! Until recently she was working at Porsche but we snapped her up and she’s loving being part of the team.

At school she hated exercise and would bunk off PE. Now she has competed in triathlons and Tough Mudder.

Karen Spiers, Client Manager and IT Whizz

^^^ AKA The Calm

Lamorna, Coach (3)

Karen keeps the StrongHer wheels moving smoothly, with lots of hard work behind the scenes. She’s done lots of different jobs organising peeps.

She’s got a huge heart and does a lot of work for charity, she’s the calm to my hyperness. Karen is also a wonderful weirdo, she likes to talk to herself when she works 🙂


Andrea Greenfield, Cover Coach



Ready to make a change?

If you’re really struggling and need some help but don’t know where to start and feeling a little lost. You can book a FREE StrongHer Transformation Session with one of the lovely StrongHer team of experts, worth £97 here.

30 minutes with one of the StrongHer expert coaches to find out why things haven’t worked for you before and get clarity on what you’re goals are.

We only run a limited number as we only have 10 places left to join us this year.

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