What is StrongHer?

StrongHer is an expert coaching company with just one purpose, to love and help our ladies make a lasting transformation. To create their StrongHer Self.

Yes we train, help you eat the right food and think the best of yourself BUT we do everything with love, fun and compassion.

It’s about showing you how to love all that you already are, live with courage to follow your heart to live a life of freedom.

Oh and get your best ever body in a way that is fun and full of love.

To help you find out who you truly are, love who you are and find the freedom to follow your dreams. And face life’s challenges with courage and the certainty of knowing who you truly are.


We help you find your own STRENGTH:

  • Strength of belief in who you are and what you bring to the world
  • Strength of purpose in your life and what you want
  • Strength of confidence and inner peace with yourself
  • Strength of resolve to face life’s daily challenges
  • Strength get back up when you’re knocked down
  • Strength in your body to make the day to day easier


^^^ Oh and if that sounds a little serious we have LOADS of fun too. We’re HUGGERS 🙂


OH and as side effect you’ll get a great body to. That you’re proud of and that your partner can’t keep his hands off 🙂

(It’s a THING, the StrongHer side effect)

^^^ Does it sound a little different? That’s because we are DIFFERENT.


Yes we train, help you with nutrition and mindset (we call it brainset) but it’s all done based on our values.


What are the StrongHer values?

Our values are shown in ALL that we do with our lovely ladies to get them the results that will change their lives for EVER.


We live by the values of:

1) Always Love

Starting with love for YOU.

Without that you can truly love others. The opposite of love is fear and means a life of worry and being scared.

Living from a place of love you give joy, appreciation and fun. Your heart feels full and hugs abound.


2) Live with Courage

Courage – Cour means from the heart and courage means to live from your truest heart and feelings. You live as your true and authentic self everyday.

You speak your mind and live by your beliefs. And get up each time you fall as courage makes you resilient and fuels you with purpose.


3) Find your Freedom

Living with a free heart as you know what you want and how to get there.

You have clarity on your purpose and the belief to support. That gives you endless energy and lust for life. The freedom to do, be and become who YOU truly want.


Our ladies see this daily when we show up day in day out with:

1) Joy and fun:

We like to have fun and lots of laugh. Oh and a little smut if we’re honest. If your taking time away from your family we want you to enjoy it. Life is meant to be fun right? We’re a source of joy, fun and hugs for those we work with and it’s infectious.


2) Simple truth: Simple done well.

We only speak the truth. This is not always easy but we are real and authentic. We encourage you to be the same. We give you a safe haven away from the opinion and influence of others.

You will find acceptance and a place you can truly be yourself. We make things as simple as we can by explaining one step at a time in everyday words you will get.


3) Compassion: Meeting you where you are

We will show you compassion and meet you where you are. There is no judgement just love and a guiding hand. We will do our best to understand and get you. We won’t assume anything and you can tell uas much or as little of your story as you’d like to. We will listen hard and with intent to coach you to your own truths.


What does all this mean to you?

We’re unique in how we do things as it all flows from our values. We will do our best to make it a journey you love. As you don’t get a body and life you love doing things you hate. BUT this is what it means to you.

  • You become family

You’ll become part of the StrongHer family, a sister if you like.

You’ll be loved, hugged and appreciated. You’ll be supported by the StrongHer team and other ladies who ALL want you to win.

There’s no bitchiness, gossiping or putting anyone down.

Just genuine love, care and compassion. We celebrate your achievements and share struggles, we’re all in it together.

Plus we like to hang out and do stuff together. You can do as little or as much as you want of that.


  • We train you in a fun and efficient way

Yes we work you hard no worries about that. You won’t be spending hours doing the same boring exercises.

We teach you how to move better. How to know what muscles to work to get in great shape. How to feel when you’re body is work at it’s best. How to life heavy objects and put them down to create a curvy and strong bikini body. You’ll do things you never thought you could.

But it’s not BIG serious, shouty training it’s fun, laughter and smiles. Oh and high fives for new achievements.


  • We rekindle your passion for food

There’s no starvation or cutting out of food groups. So many women we speak to have a distorted view of food. To lose weight I MUST eat less. NO.

We want you to each as much as you can of food you love whilst being in great shape.

We want to inspire you to love your food and get passionate in the kitchen. 😉

To fall in love with great, whole healthy foods. Foods that give you energy, clarity and fuel you for your busy life .. and training.

All without being locked in the kitchen for hours and cooking separate meals to your family.


  • We work on YOU

We help you find the answer to “I know what I need to do but just can’t seem to stick to it.”

We will coach you on finding your truth and a StrongHer plan that works for YOU and your life. Simples.

Aswell as helping you get clear on who you are, what you want and what’s truly in your heart.


How much does this all cost?

Being honest we’re not the cheapest. But this is an investment in YOU. A gift of love and happiness to you. You can compare us to a gym but we are very different and I hope you see that now. We will support, love and hold you accountable.

^^^ Hugs are free.

We don’t need to be cheap and we want you to truly value what we do and commit to it fully.

We want you to have skin in the game and make a conscious decision to commit to the StrongHer programme. To get the life and body you love it.

BUT our New You small group training starts from just over £300 a month.


Ready to make a change?

If you’re really struggling and need some help but don’t know where to start and feeling a little lost. You can book a FREE StrongHer Transformation Session with one of the lovely StrongHer team of experts, worth £97 here.

30 minutes with one of the StrongHer expert coaches to find out why things haven’t worked for you before and get clarity on what you’re goals are.

We only run a limited number as we only have 10 places left to join us this year.

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