Could YOU be One of The SPECIAL Ladies We Work With at StrongHer?

The women who we work with to help them find that PRIDE and BELIEF in who they are again AND a rockin body their partner can’t keep their hands off.

They’re a little bit …. SPECIAL.

What do I mean?

We don’t work with just anyone. We don’t need to so we like to choose women who becomes a member of the StrongHer community.

We have an amazing growing community of ladies we work with now. We have a cap on the number of women we work at any one time in our exclusive transformation studio so we can focus on loving and supporting them.

But they are ALL special. A little different from your average personal training client. I bet you’re dying to ask HOW?

BUT don’t worry … if you like what we have to say I’m sure there’s a good fit. If there is BIG hugs and a huge welcome will follow.

If not no worries Thank You for reading this far and for your consideration.


Who are these special StrongHer ladies we work with?

All the ladies we work with are givers with huge hearts. Women who give HUGE amounts of love, time and energy to everyone else. So there’s little left for THEM.

They are the glue in the household or at work, they seem outwardly like superwoman keeping it all going. BUT have no time or energy left for them SELF.

They’re SUCCESSFUL in lots of areas of their life already. They might some or any of the following …. a beautiful family, a great job, successful business and lovely home. But they feel a little lost.

They’re like to enjoy life, amazing holidays and time with family and friends. They love great food and the odd glass of wine without feeling bad or guilty.

They LOVE their life, BUT they’re caught up in the day-to-day rush and weeks can feel like day after day of ground hog days.

Everyday is a rush to get it all done, the kids, the work and if they don’t manage it they feel like they’re letting everyone down.

In their mind there’s no time to eat better, train or make changes in life. To even start feels so overwhelming.

Oh and sexiness has gone out of the window. The early days of passion with their partner is a distant memory. And instead now it’s a quick dash to get into bed unseen.

They feel like they’ve let themselves GO. And if they stop they feel like they let their loved ones down.

They daren’t stop as they think family life will stop without them. BUT with a little time, a lot of love and help they have so much more to give to the world. But most of all to give to themselves.


Who they’re NOT?

They’re not just after the latest QUICK FIX.

Certainly we know our stuff and can get you fast results BUT if we make you do things you don’t enjoy it’s pointless.

Ladies in our community have a longer-term view, they want to change for life and enjoy the changes along the way. They want to be happy in their own skin and with their life.


They’re not the kind of women willing to do ANYTHING to get into their best ever shape.

They’ve done the diets, the shakes and “cutting down” but it doesn’t work in the long term. They’ve tried lots of different faddy exercises but don’t want to feel judged and uncomfortable being shouted at during a bootcamp session anymore.


They’re not willing to sacrifice their LIFE and HAPPINESS for short-term results

They want transformation YES. They’re committed and dedicated but they want the transformation to fit in with their life. They are willing to learn and try new things, but a step at time.

The best nutrition and training plan, is ALWAYS one that suits you and your life. The women we work with help create what suits them and gives them freedom. Which is why what we do works so well.


They’re not just following ADVICE BLINDLY.

They want to own their journey. They’ve listened blindly to advice in the past and it’s lead to roads that haven’t worked for them. Instead they are now taking responsibility for changing step, by step in a way that suits them. We give them freedom to learn and

They listen to and absorb the advice given and then they make it their own. They question and challenge,

This means the journey might take longer BUT they’re willing and committed to making it work for themselves. With our love and support of course.


They’re not just after the CHEAPEST option.

They’ve already spent thousands on what HASN’T “worked” for them. So they’re now willing to invest in themselves and getting that pride and hope back in who they are and how they feel.

^^^^ We’re NOT the cheapest and never will be, we’ve helped hundreds of women worldwide change their lives and become the happiest and healthiest they’ve been. We value our own time and expertise, we have an AMAZING expert coaching team. So NO we’re not the cheapest BUT we do get lifetime results.


They’re ready to show a LITTLE LOVE

They’re ready to commit time, money and effort to making a lifetime transformation. That puts time and love for themselves first.


Is it selfish to put yourself first? What do you think? Not if everyone in your life gets the best of you

They see the way they’ve been doing things up until now hasn’t been working and so they’ve committed to DOING things differently too… that’s where WE come in!

Ready to make a change?

If you’re really struggling and need some help but don’t know where to start and feeling a little lost. You can book a FREE StrongHer Transformation Session with one of the lovely StrongHer team of experts, worth £97 here.

30 minutes with one of the StrongHer expert coaches to find out why things haven’t worked for you before and get clarity on what you’re goals are.

We only run a limited number as we only have 10 places left to join us this year.

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Always Love. Live with Courage. Find your Freedom